Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jovie's here and other stuff

Jovie turned 6 weeks old yesterday! She came 16 days early on July 6th. My mom had planned to come on the 17th (5 days before Jovie's due date) so we had to call a friend at 4 in the morning to come watch Olsen while we were at the hospital. Jovie came an hour after we got there at 5:35 am! She's pretty cute with a lot of hair and brown eyes. We now have our blue-eyed boy and our brown-eyed girl.

Olsen has been a good big brother to Jovie. He's been very sweet to her and gives her hugs and asks to hold her. Julie, his daycare provider, said that he's always been so sweet to all the babies there. He really is a nice boy and has been good about sharing and taking turns with his friends. This is not to say that he's been perfect, though. He seems to have a meltdown and/or moments of defiant disagreeableness almost everyday. I'm not sure if any of that is related to adjusting to Jovie's arrival or if it's just because he's three. I'm thinking it might just be the case of the threes...sigh, I have to remind myself to keep my patience and not lose my temper (I don't always succeed).

Since Jovie's arrived, I spend a lot of time sitting around holding her, trying to feed her and watching HGTV. Now that she's six weeks old, I should probably start working on my dissertation. I'm telling myself that it's like I took a six-week maternity leave, ha ha. But I really do need to work on things while I hold Jovie instead of watching TV or surfing the internet, reading about the A&M to SEC rumors.