Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Tag

so I totally failed on trying to post everyday this month. I think I might try it in January, and I might be a little more successful. I have lots to catch up on about Olsen (and his various medical maladies :( ) but for now, I think I will fulfill one of the tags Blake from the always entertaining Blakery has tagged me with. I'll do the easier one now:

1. How many people are in your family?
Three, actual humans, but four if you count furry people as well.

2. When did you get married?
July 22, 2006

3. Are your children boys or girls?
One little baby boy

4. What do you do for fun as a family?
well, so far we seem to be a boring family of three. We do like to take Lucy (and Chico when we are dog-sitting) for walks. We try to spend time playing on our tummies, and we read Dr. Seuss books, especially Hop on Pop (the simplest Seuss for the youngest use). Olsen loves this book!

5. Is your family complete, or are you planning on having more children?
hummmmm, well, for some reason I have always thought it would be fun to have three children. But right now, I seriously don't understand how people have a baby and other children at the same time! Our little guy seems to take up most of our energies, but he is awfully cute.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

shots and other health related news...

Today Olsen received the last two shots from his two-month series. We're doing a slightly modified schedule so that he doesn't get 6 shots at once (but he is getting all the vaccinations). I realize that this modified schedule probably doesn't really do anything, but I figure for my peace of mind that it is worth it. He was such a good boy. He tends to have a delayed reaction and cries after the shots are done. I hold him for a little bit and he calms down really fast. Now he is sleeping. I'm hoping that all his vaccinations go like the past two sessions, although I fear he will become more sad as he gets older.

This past Sunday, we went to Emily and Seth's casa for a fabulous dinner. Emily and Seth have a Wii and a Wii Fit. It is too cool. BUT I did the little health assessment thing, and apparently I have the fitness level of a 38 year old and the Wii suspects that I must trip when I walk! yikes, indeed. I think I will partly blame that on having a baby not tooooo long ago (well maybe it was awhile ago) and being tired from minimal sleep. However, I seriously do need to exercise. I just am not sure when to exercise. I have a PeeWee Pilates book that shows exercises that I can do with Olsen, but everytime I try, he gets mad. Hopefully I can figure out how to schedule in some exercise soon. On a good note, I have a healthy BMI and the Wii said I weigh less than what I thought. According to the Wii, I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Even so, my pre-pregnancy jeans still seem tight to me. So I am wondering where this weight loss has come from. I'm starting to suspect I might have lost some brain mass. sigh.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

quick post

Olsen is so cute when he's not mad. He laughs and squeals now, and it is so cute and funny.

I only have a little more than a month left of this semester since I don't have any finals. It'll be such a relief when I get all these papers done. Christmas vacation = opportunity to sleep.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I might try NaBloPoMo again, which means that I will try and post everyday this month. We'll see if that happens, because November always seems kind of stressful since the semester is ending which means I really need to get to writing my papers!

I haven't posted in so long! Olsen is doing well. His hips are normal now and he's nursing! It's fun watching him develop. I'll write more in my future posts, but now I need to get to work since Olsen is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeping...