Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jovie happenings

Jovie turned five months early this month.
Jovie's 5 month pose
We didn't get a great picture for her five month portraits because she is starting to want to sit up more.
(four months, three, two, and one months)

Olsen still likes Jovie and he can make her laugh much harder than we can. This is a little video of Olsen making Jovie laugh. She seems to be most amused by his shaggy hair.

Last weekend, Jovie got to hang out with one of her friends, Vivi. Vivi is only four weeks younger than Jovie. Vivi's older sister, Cailin, is 6 months older than Olsen.
Jovie and Vivian hanging out in the tunnel 1

Next weekend we are off to Texas. I hope the flight goes well!