Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Past four 4ths of July

Last night at the Bush Museum, Adrian and I recounted all of our 4ths together. Our first in 2003, we were in Shelter Cove, CA. We stood on the beach and watched the fireworks that people in boats shot off. In 2004, we were camping in Great Smoky Mountains NP (no fireworks there, but it was a nice 4th of July). In 2005, Adrian was in Wyoming or Boise (I can't remember which place), and Lucy and I watched the fireworks from the front porch of the old Foster house (kind of a pathetic 4th for me I suppose). This year in 2006, we rode our bikes to the Museum, listened to the symphony and watched the fireworks. It was fun. I particularly liked riding our bikes. We passed tons of cars in bumper to bumper traffic on our way back. I wonder what we'll do next year...

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