Sunday, January 27, 2008

cheap plants!

Well, I have to admit that this weekend has been somewhat uneventful for me (Adrian is currently skiing...). I am taking 4 classes this semester so that next semester when the baby is here, I can only take 1 (maybe 2) classes. So it turns out that this semester I tend to have a ton of work to do to cover my 4 classes and to begin really formulating my dissertation plans. But it hasn't really been stressful - just busy, which is probably a good thing overall.

We have been on a houseplant craze lately. After Christmas, we got a ton of plants 75% off because they were considered Christmas plants (I'm not sure why). Then, we got a coupon at Lowe's for $10 off a houseplant. Search Lowe's and Learn to Grow and you can find it on the internet. It is supposed to be only one coupon per household, but we went to different lines to get two plants, and a friend of ours said it works at Home Depot we will probably head to Home Depot to try our luck at getting two more plants. I hope this isn't too dishonest, but $10 off plants that cost $10.97 - you can't beat that!

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Murph's Blog said...

hope all is going well in utah! stay warm! :) i might be in california for my spring break so maybe we can come to utah as well:)