Wednesday, May 06, 2009

jogging finally!

I have gone jogging twice this week! After I put Olsen to bed, I have gone jogging, while Adrian goes jogging (he probably actually goes running) while I am going through Olsen's bedtime routine. It has been nice, but I am pretty slow these days. Adrian and I used to run together around the A&M campus. He was always ahead of me, but I could still see his back. There is something about seeing someone's back that encourages you to run faster and longer. Now I am on my own, so I will have to push myself. These past two nights, I have jogged up to campus and through it a little bit and then back down. It is nice being up on the campus and looking down at the valley with the surrounding mountains.

I do have an awesome jogging stroller that my dad got me for Christmas. I love it, and I take Olsen and Lucy for walks everyday with it.  It was especially nice in the winter, because it can navigate through the snow and ice with such ease, compared to our other, huge travel system stroller (which I might not have gotten in retrospect). However, I am still a little afraid to jog with it, because I don't like the idea of Olsen's head being too rattled. I think this is a little bit of an irrational fear, because the stroller is designed to absorb the bumps, plus Olsen's head is pretty well attached at this point. But still...I worry. Maybe sometime soon I will jog with Olsen. Perhaps, next week, when Adrian is out of town for his short course, and I will be unable to jog at night alone.  

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