Friday, June 05, 2009

Home again

We're back from a whirlwind TX trip. We went to Pearland, where Adrian's parents live and to Corpus, where my parents live. Olsen's grandparents were very excited to see little Olsen. He is pretty cute now and fun to watch. He still cries when people he doesn't know hold him, though. He likes to watch new people and even climb on them, but if they hold him, he generally cries. We will need to try and work on that, especially if we ever need someone else to watch Olsen. However, one day when in Corpus, my aunts and uncle came to see Olsen, and he let everybody hold him! I'm not sure what was different about that day. He had a bad night of sleep that night but took a nice long morning nap. I guess the nap refreshed him and put him in an extra good mood.

We had a nice time. Olsen went swinging and swimming almost everyday. And he took his first trip to the beach! He also got to play with his friends, Raley and Krysta. Olsen did great on the plane both ways, but it did take a lot of effort on my and Adrian's part to keep him fully entertained, since he could not crawl around. It was nice to see family, and in some ways I was sad to leave, especially my parents' house since it seems like I don't get to go there too often. But, it was also probably time to come home, since Olsen was starting to get crankier the last few days and Adrian and I were getting tired. I think Lucy missed us, too.

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