Sunday, February 20, 2011


Olsen has been talking a lot lately, and I love it, because he's so open and honest with the things that he says and thinks. Some of my favorites:

Out of the blue, he'll say, "I like Mama. I like Dada, too. I like doggie. And I like Olsen."

When he's eating a snack, he'll try and share with us and say, "Mama, want some?" or "Doggie, want some?" (which of course she does!)

He also tries to get us to participate in his games. The other day he was playing with a fly swatter and pretending to swat flies and put their carcasses in a container. After awhile, he said, "Mama want to try it? Mama want to swat flies?" After I put my flies in the container, he said, "Good job, Mama!" "Thank you, Olsen." "You're welcome, Mama."

There are times when Olsen is disagreeable, and I start to get irritated. I think he can tell, because after while, he'll say, "Sorry, Mama" in his most contrite voice. It sounds more like "Thor-ry, Ma-ma," and it's hard to stay upset with him.

Sometimes, he gets upset since it can be hard being two. He'll say, "I'm sad," or "I'm mad," and cry at the injustices brought upon him. I'll hold him for awhile and he'll say, "I feel better now." May we all get over our anger as easily and happily as a toddler!

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Nikki said...

That is super duper cute!