Thursday, October 06, 2011

racecar bed!

We finally took Olsen out of his crib and into a twin bed. Miraculously, he had never tried to climb out of his crib and he slept so well in it that we felt no rush to get him out of it. But I thought the ability to get out of bed might help him learn to go to the bathroom at night instead of wearing a diaper for nap and bed. To make the transition fun, we got him his very own racecar bed. He was so excited about it and helped Adrian put it together. But that first night he wasn't quite sure about it and needed a lot of cuddles and reassurance. He has been in the bed for three nights now, and every night it is the same, where we get some resistance but then he sleeps so well, I have to wake him up in the morning to get to school. He looks so small in the bed compared to his little crib mattress.

Olsen in his Racecar Bed!

Olsen in his Racecar Bed!

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