Sunday, October 23, 2005

cluster analysis attempts :(

I’m currently trying to work on my cluster analysis report but am struggling to stay on task. It is due Wed and I really need to get it done because I also have to prepare for my mineralogy lab on Tuesday – our first optics lab (shudder).

Data analysis doesn’t really interest me. I wish it did. Has anyone noticed that the first part of analysis is “anal”? Perhaps I am not anal enough to enjoy data analysis, because to be honest, I am not really caring how my coal ball data clusters.

It is a nice day and I have Lucy back. The windows are open and the back door is open so that she can go in and out. Currently there is a squirrel walking around in my yard. Lucy must not be outside to chase it. Too bad – she is missing out on some fun. Okay, I just sent her outside and pointed him out to her. He ran to a tree and is now trapped there, while Lucy sits and stares at him and wags her tail. I’m so mean – but at least my dog is entertained while I try and get something done.

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