Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am currently at Monica's pad in Dallas, relaxing after a busy, active week! Mon isn't here - she's with her man in Uvalde. They might get engaged this weekend! :)

I walked to the Cheesecake Factory to pick up my lunch/dinner for today. Yum! Stuffed chicken tortillas, black beans, bread, and of course, a slice of Linda's fudge cake! I ate almost half. It is a lot of food.

I am exhausted and almost want to go to sleep already but that would be silly. Wednesday through Friday I went to Arkansas on the mineralogy field trip. It was such fun! Yay for geology field trips - always a good time. And I got tons and tons of quartz! They are currently soaking in water to begin the cleaning process.

We got back Friday at around 11 pm and it took me awhile to get everything situated so I went to bed kind of late. Then, I awoke at 7 to get back on the road to pick up my samples in Norman. My slough is so dried up and overgrown; it is kinda of cool how the environment can change so much with the seasons.

Now I am relaxing! It is kind of funny to be in the fancy area of Dallas after having been on a geology trip, but it is also nice. :)

While away, in Arkansas, I wrote about my week when Adrian came and visited me. I think I will type it here in my blog to remain on record forever, or at least until I have my blog. I shall start a new post. :)

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