Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bush school and stuff about school

I always kind of like the first week of school. It is exciting to go to your classes for the first time and get so fired up about them and think, yes, this is going to be the semester for me! I already feel a bit bogged down, but sort of in a good way, like I am a person who has things to do. That can be a good feeling sometimes.

Today, I went to my nonprofit class at the Bush School. It is going to be a pretty intense class with a lot of work, but I think it'll be really interesting. I enjoy taking the occassional class that is different from what I usually take. I do feel out of place in the group, though. They are, all with exception of 2 others, Bush School people and the other 2 that are not have already done a lot of work with international nonprofits. Plus, more than half of them had their laptop computers with them. I felt like I was in a law school class at first. But I peaked at a lot of their screens and they hadn't been typing anything so I guess it isn't an imperative class utensil, because I really do not want to lug mine around. Also, I found this funny: During the break, several of the Bush school people were making fun of Democrats and liberals! It was funny to me, b/c it seems like there are mostly Democrats and liberals in the hard sciences and I am used to hearing complaints about the current administration. I guess since this is the "Bush" School they are much more conservative. I think that difference is very interesting.

Let's see what else? I have been frantically trying to get everything in order for my petrology labs but it's been a bit frustrating. I asked one of the profs to get more lightbulbs for 2 of the scopes two weeks ago and he still has not ordered them. I also have been trying to see if I can shuffle people around in my sections so that everyone will have their own scope, but it has been pretty futile. Instead of people moving out of Monday's lab, I have gotten more people requesting to be put in it. I finally borrowed some scopes from the mineralogy lab to use, but I am a bit peeved that my professor is not more interested in fixing the 6 scopes that are not working. They are much better scopes than the mineralogy ones. Oh well, I have tried.

Also, another funny story. I was in the petrology lab working on the lab when a student comes in to chat. He was in my mineralogy lab and will be in my petrology lab. He said that the other students who were in the other mineralogy lab are terrified of me. At first I felt sad, but then I thought oh well, it is better that they fear me than don't respect me, right?

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