Tuesday, January 10, 2006

gilmore girls

It is hard to get work done when I still have lots of Gilmore Girls to get through. Good thing Monica, Christy, Mariann, and I are having a girls' weekend soon. We can have a Gilmore Girls marathon with chocolate fondue. Yum! :) Season two is so good. Emily and Richard seem really nice in these episodes. There are still conflicts of course but mostly because they come from different worlds.

Another good thing is that my petrology labs may not meet the first week of school, so I still have lots of time. However, I am getting a little concerned because the professor I'm teaching for has not been available, and I have many questions. Most importantly, what's up with more than half of the scopes that have burned out light bulbs???

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Anonymous said...

aw, a "gilmore girls" girls weekend? can i come? =) -amy