Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day...

I really don't put too much emphasis on Valentine's Day, because I do feel like it has turned into a more materialistic holiday rather than the opportunity to tell your loved ones that you love them and appreciate them (although, this should be done regularly). Still, I have to say I was really excited about getting roses from Adrian. I've never gotten roses before and it was nice to get them (but I don't think getting roses should be a regular occurrence as they are expensive and don't last too long). He also got me chocolates, a Charlie Brown book on Valentine's Day, and a stuffed Cottonelle dog with a frame in his tummy. Adrian put a little picture of Lucy and Patches in it. It's funny. I like it a lot. As a Valentine's haiku goes:
Flowers and candy
Do not prove love, Valentine
But they do not hurt

I got him the books with the Fish comics, our favorite Aggie comic (and only, it seems from looking at the Battalion these days). Then we went to Quiznos and split a sandwich (turkey on rosemary parmesan bread) and watched the epispde of Simpson's called "Lisa's Wedding." It was cute. It was a good Valentine's Day. :)

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