Friday, May 19, 2006

dinner party :)

Last night, we had the opportunity to put in the two leaves of our new table! Mariann, Shawn, Andrea, Shane, Bret, and Sarah all came over for dinner. Our table is huge when it is expanded and doesn't quite fit in the little room alotted for it. But all of the food fit on it which was nice. I made the taco crossiant thing (Adrian's favorite) and lumpia (Mariann's favorite).

Even though our new table came with 6 chairs, we still didn't have enough chairs for everyone and had to use a stool and my computer chair, but I think it's better to have more friends than chairs then the other way around. It was a good time. We will have to entertain more. I am hoping that we'll have some perfect summer nights so that we can eat on our picnic table at some point.

Alas, I wish I had pictures to share of everyone around our huge table, but we didn't think to take any until everyone had gone...

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Sarah Murphy said...

It was a great time! You are a superb hostess!!

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