Sunday, December 10, 2006

fun weekend

We had a fun weekend filled with Christmas parties. On Friday night, we went to Dr. Popp's house for his annual mineralogists' dinner, where he invites old and new mineralogy TAs and his undergrad technicians. It is always a pleasant, low-key evening with a lot of reminiscing of old geology days.

Then on Saturday night, we had the Christmas party for our Sunday school class. It was fun, with a lot of people, in one of the mentor couples' homes. It was such a beautiful home, out in the country - but not really far from anything - you can still see Kyle Field from the road out there. We had a white elephant ornament exchange that was kind of fun. hee hee, we didn't tell which ornament we brought, because the girl who got stuck with it was not too happy...

Today, in Sunday school class we had a pot-luck lunch to celebrate all the couples who were leaving our class, either due to moving locations completely or moving on to a new Sunday school class to reflect their new stage in life (like the first time parents class).

Then...I went to get my hair done, so that we could take our "engagement/bridal" portraits. But our photographer had to cancel due to we decide, we're going to try and take some ourselves anyways...Mariann and Shawn were kind enough to help us out (and they are engaged now!!!! so much happiness for those two! =) ). It started out all right - and then it poured on us - and we waited under the library underpass for a spell - and people stared at me oddly...sigh...we might reschedule for later this week for happier weather - because for some reason, I am now fixated on having some photos of the two of us looking nice and wedding-ish. I will post some of the pictures we took here once we look at them. (another problem with us trying to take our own photos is that we have no idea how to pose...).

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