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We're going to Omaha!!! (part 2 of 3)

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DAY 3 - Sunday, June 19 continued

Finally in Omaha!  Before I talk about this, I want to list the schedule for the College World Series.

Saturday, June 18
     Game 1
     Vanderbilt vs
     North Carolina (Vandy won 7-3)

     Game 2
     Texas vs
     Florida (Florida won 8-4, which is awesome)

Sunday, June 19
     Game 3
     California vs
     Virginia (Virginia won 4-1)

     Game 4
     Texas A&M vs
     South Carolina (will discuss later)

We showed up in the middle of Omaha right before the first game of the second day was starting (Cal vs UVa).  It was fun seeing all the chaos and people milling around.  We had to grab our tickets at will call which wasn't easy.  I got out of the car and Lisa scooted over to drive it around.  We purchased a 10 pack of General Admission tickets.  We would use 6 (3 per day) and give the other 4 to Bret and Amy who we were hoping to see for the games.

This year, the CWS moved from Rosenblatt stadium (where it was for 50+ years) to the brand new TD Ameritrade Park in the middle of downtown.

Once we got out tickets we went to our hotel (which was actually in Iowa near the Omaha airport).  Olsen didn't nap but we rested and watched some of the UVa and Cal game.  We then started reading some info tickets and learned that you had to get in line 2 hours early for GA since they're all first come first serve.  This made us really nervous so we tried to upgrade our seats (for $20 each) to seated seats.  We had to make a trip back into downtown and Lisa dropped me off at the ticket window.  They didn't have seats together for us so we decided not to upgrade.  Well, 2 hours before the game we took out hotel shuttle to the ballpark area and got in the very back of the tremendously long line.  We were really nervous on getting into the game since the line was so long and it was hot and Olsen was hot and Lisa was hot (and 8 months pregnant...).
Somehow we found Bret and Amy in the line and gave them our tickets.  We didn't want to cut so we got in the back (you can see Bret in the above picture).  Well, it turns out that the late game on Sunday (the game we were going to) wasn't the highest attended game so we got in just fine and got pretty good seats in the outfield, though it was really hot and humid.

I forgot to mention that Sunday was Father's Day!  It was a fantastic Father's Day present to be able to be in Omaha and see our Aggies play baseball in the College World Series.  Somehow the local news station found us (channel 6 NBC) and interviewed us.  I thought it was pretty cool but then started thinking, every time we've been on TV for a sporting event, we've lost (Super Regionals in Baton Rouge in June '04, Cotton Bowl in Jan '05, and there are probably others I'm forgetting).  But either way, it was cool

Our first game was against the South Carolina Gamecocks.  They were the defending national champions and looking to repeat this year.  Sitting in the outfield, in General Admission, we were surrounded tons of Aggies, Gamecocks, and locals.  It was actually pretty fun with all the commotion.  Olsen LOVED seeing the beach balls being hit around and he thought the wave was super cool.  I can't remember the last time I participated in a wave since at Olsen Field, it's "not cool" to do things that are trendy or popular, plus the stadium doesn't wrap around (no outfield seats).  It was also really funny hearing the right field seats yelling at the left field seats:

The game started off GREAT!  We were batting first and scored a wopping 4 runs!  We were super excited to see us dismantle their stud pitcher (with a super low ERA).  And, of course, "Texas A&M" happened and they equaled our scoring route with 4 runs on their own against our "number 2" pitcher (since "number 1" was injured for the rest of the year).  Then, nothing happened.  It was a fast game since no runs were scored for the next 7 innings.

The CWS camera guy put us on the jumbotron
Olsen doing the Wave
Olsen really got into saying Gig'em
Olsen saying Gig'em (he liked to use his finger and say "that's Olsen Gig'em").

Well, we got to the 9th inning and couldn't produce a run, so, for some strange reason, RC decided to pull our pitcher and put in a reliever.  We all knew this wasn't going to end well.  Immediately he got the bases loaded with no outs and the next guy up hit a screaming double and that was that.
Don't look at the image -- just showing the score
Father's Day picture
And for whatever reason, Bret and Amy were dancing.
Pictures from the College World Series

Day 4 - Monday, June 20

Games today:
     Game 5
     Texas vs North Carolina (elimination game)

     Game 6
     Florida vs Vanderbilt (winner's bracket)

We decided to take a day off of bsaeball (not going to watch the Longhorns and UNC play) and go to the famous Henry Doorly Zoo.  We had heard lots of good things about this zoo and were eager to check it out.  It's supposed to be a hot day but we had heard that they had a lot of indoor, air conditioned exhibits.  The zoo is right across the street from Rosenblatt stadium (where the College World Series was played before):

The most exciting thing at the zoo was the lion's area.  The male lion was really active and wanting to eat the kids.

Olsen got to feed some birds.  He had a lot of fun doing that.

Olsen liked seeing the gorillas
This gorilla was staring at all the people
We saw a lemur sitting on a turtle
The little guy was exhausted after the zoo.  He was still holding his magnet in the car

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