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We're going to Omaha!!! (part 3 of 3)

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Day 4 - Monday, June 20 - Continued

After the zoo we took it easy at the hotel, but Olsen didn't nap, of course.  We decided to go eat in town while the second game of the day was going on.  We ate at Rick's Boatyard which was right on the Missouri River and looked like a nice place.  I do not recommend it.  It wasn't that great, very expensive, not the best wait staff, and the service was sub-par.  Anyways, we decided to leave the car in the parking lot and walk around.
Rick's Boatyard
The Missouri River was flooding
Big walking bridge to Iowa from Nebraska
We decided to go for a walk and take a big walking bridge into downtown.  Before we left, we heard the air raids go off (the tornado sirens) and started panicking to get back into the car.  We were in the parking lot when we heard this but we saw a family get out of their car all casually and go into the restaurant.  They told us that the sirens happen all the time and made it sound like it wasn't a big deal.  So we decided to proceed and the sirens stopped soon after.  But as we got a little ways on the bridge, we saw a group of people running to get on the other side.  Then the sky started turning black and the wind picked up a lot.  Lisa started getting a little nervous so we turned back.  The sirens came on again and we started running to get to the car.  Lisa was not happy with this since she was 8 months pregnant...

Once we got to the car, we tried to get back to our hotel.  It was a mess with cars everywhere.  The baseball game that was going on got postponed.  We got about a quarter of a mile and police officers were making everyone stop their cars in the street and get into the Qwest Center, which is a large arena in downtown.  It was full of people just waiting for the storm to pass.  It was pretty scary and we weren't happy because we just wanted to get back to the hotel and go to bed.
But luckily, after about almost an hour, they let us go.  We got in our car and went to the hotel.  No real damage anywhere and nothing really happened.  Olsen had fun in the hotel wearing his Dadda's baseball jersey.
Oh, and for the record, the t-sips lost to UNC, so they were eliminated!  Vandy and Florida will have to resume their game later

DAY 5 - Tuesday, June 21

Baseball schedule today
     Game 6 (continued in 6th inning) - Florida vs Vanderbilt

     Game 7 - Texas A&M vs California

     Game 8 - South Carolina vs Virginia

Before we headed out to the game (since we had the early one), we decided to get to downtown early and walk around a bit.  We went into the ballpark area where they had a lot of things going on.  Olsen got to do some tee-ball and some other things (but most stuff was for older kids)
Today's game had a slight threat of rain but it helped cool it down a little bit (you can see Olsen wearing his jacket).  Amy wasn't going to be at this game because she had to go back to Texas to teach a class.  Bret was there though.  This game was very low attended and wasn't a problem at all to get in (no line and no wait).

We had higher confidence for this game to beat Cal vs beating South Carolina (or USC East as they hate being called).  The outfield wasn't near as fun this time (I guess South Carolina fans are a lot of fun!) and the lower attendance made it a little less fun.  There were still beach balls and some waves.  The weather wasn't looking too good; dark clouds and sprinkles of rain here and there.

We hit a homer in the 4th inning and things were starting to look up.  The sun came out and Olsen put on his sunscreen

Then, of course, our team starts to screw up and completely throws the game away.  They ended up scoring 6 runs in the next 2 innings and our team never recovered.
All relief pitchers running to bullpen
It starting raining again and everyone ran out of the stands to find cover.  But there is no cover in that stadium (at least where we were in the outfield).  We lost 7-3 and our season was over.
Olsen said his goodbye to Bret (and gig'em)
College World Series photos
As soon as the game was over, we got in the car and started driving back to Utah.  We drove as far as we could before everyone got too tired.  We ended up stopping in Sidney, Nebraska.

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On the interstate (near where the original Cabelas store is) they have tons of big chain hotels.  It was a Tuesday night and every single one was sold out.  There was nothing around for miles and no town for at least 100 miles.  Our trust GPS smartphones couldn't get any service in rural Nebraska but somehow we found our way into the actual town of Sidney and found a piece of junk American Best Value Inn.  It was gross and had no pool (poor Olsen) but it had vacancy.

Report for the day:
Florida beat Vanderbilt
A&M got eliminated by Cal
South Carolina hammered Virginia

DAY 6 - Wednesday, June 22

We got up and hopped in the car again and drove into Wyoming.  This time we drove through Cheyenne and stopped in Laramie.

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We drove around town a little bit and found a nice park to set up for a picnic.  Olsen played on the playground.

Laramie pictures
After Laramie, we drove until we got to Evanston, Wyoming (I think we made a quick stop in Rock Springs, WY as well).

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We stopped at a little park that we had stopped at before, when we were on our way to Estes Park, Colorado 2 years ago.  Olsen had a great time kicking the soccer ball around and eating french fries.  But the most exciting thing was there were some guys playing basketball nearby and they had this dog that liked checking Olsen out.  He would come near us, and Olsen would chase him back to the court.  This went on for a very long time.
Olsen chasing the dog.  It's not the best video but he likes to watch it.

Evanston pictures

After the Evanston stop we drove straight home!

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It's good to be home and it was a super fun trip!  I hope to make the trip in the future.

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