Friday, June 25, 2004


Tonight, Adrian and I went to see the Garfield movie. I am a huge fan of the Garfield cartoons and wish they would come out on DVD like the Simpsons. I was a little worried about the movie, because I didn't want them to mess up the beloved cartoon. Lorenzo Music, the guy who did the voice of Garfield in the cartoons, died, so of course, he wasn't able to be the voice in the movie. This was a bit sad, because his voice is the essence of Garfield.

Anyhow, I actually enjoyed the movie; it was cute. Garfield looked really cute and fluffy and fat. It was funny how he would barely make it up something when he was trying to jump from place to place. Garfield is the only computer generated person in the movie. At first I was upset about this, because a real, mixed dog plays Odie. But I decided that this kind of makes sense because in the cartoons, Odie acts as a real dog and really has no human characteristics. Plus, the puppy that played him was really cute.

Now one thing I had a problem with in the movie was the fact that Liz the vet likes Jon. But in all the cartoons, Jon is a bit of a loser and is always getting rejected by girls. I feel that this changes the character dynamic, but I guess the focus wasn't on Jon and Liz so much as it was about Garfield's and Odie's relationship.

All in all I thought it was cute. I think it is especially good for kids. I still like the cartoons more of course, but it was fun to see Garfield as a computer generated thing....

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