Saturday, August 20, 2005

hummm, I've looked at my blog and saw I had five comments. Well, I was all excited until I saw that these comments were really a way for people to advertise. Talk about annoying. So, alas, I have changed the settings on my blog so that only registered users can comment. This is somewhat sad as Amy is the only one who has commented lately and she is not a registered user. But I suppose it is only fair, as I cannot comment on her xanga.


amy said...

haha, i suppose that is only fair, lisa. although now that i have registered at blogspot, you have to register at xanga! ;)

amy said...

oh, and i'll go ahead and answer your "hot" questions here since gooble-de-gook comments were left for that post.

q 1: is "hot" a state of mind?
a: i'm not sure what you mean by this...but i don't think so. standards, will, however change from guy to guy.

q 2a: can a girl who isn’t pretty be “hot”?
a: it depends on the guy's standards for determining hotness. for some, yes, for others, no.

q 2b: or is hot a subset of pretty?
a: again, depends on the guy. some will require a general level of attractiveness to achieve "hot" status. others grant said status based on girl's measurements, skimpiness of clothing, and amount of time put into hair and makeup; this will not necessarily mean that the girl has a pretty face.

q 3a: is “hot” a quality that comes and goes, sort of like good hair days?
a: i think so. guys may tell a girl whose skirt they are trying to get under that she looks just as good, no, better, with no makeup, hair undone, or in conservative clothing, but they are lying.

q 3b: or is a hot girl always hot regardless of circumstances?
a: i'm going to have to go with circumstances here. a girl who's not made-up can certainly be good-looking, but it will be practically impossible for her to acheive "hotness" in this state.