Thursday, June 14, 2007

back to the blogspot

My summer job is slightly boring, so I thought that I would try to revamp my blogspot as a way to pass the time. Although, since not much is happening this summer so far, it could make for a somewhat boring blog.

I was looking at my past xanga posts and then my past blogspot posts, and it will be a little sad to leave the xanga. Those were some quality posts, there, when compared to my older blogspot ones - those were really bad. But I like the features that blogger offers - will google ever cease coming up with the best ideas and methods?

Right now, the thing most preoccupying my mind is: looking for a place to live in Logan. I pretty much spend way too much time everyday looking at house listings and then mapping them on googlemaps. Currently, I am spoiled by being a 10-minute bike ride away from campus, and I am still trying to live a bikeable distance from the university. Tuesday, we head to Logan to house hunt - we are going to look at houses for sale and for rent. Whatever happens, I am hoping that when we return, I will no longer have to spend vast amounts of time looking at real estate sites...

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