Friday, June 15, 2007

like clockwork

Due to rain, instead of going to the Bombers game last night (although, they did end up having the game), Adrian and I had the chance to hang out at Mark's apartment for a spell. We don't get the chance to see Mark that often. His work schedule changes with unusual hours, but it is always fun to go to his place - it is always educational. Mark is somewhat of a "hyper geek" (this is Mark's own term so I think it's okay to repeat it).

Last time, he showed us the rocks and minerals that he collected on his trip out west (I forgot which states). This time, he showed us the insides of the clock he was making. I would tell you more about it, but my mind is pretty limited when it comes to electronics and circuits and things of that nature. But he is very handy, and it's cool to see the things that he can create and make work.

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