Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lawrence, KS

I am actually here in Lawrence, KS after a FULL day of interviewing. Here was my day's schedule:
8:30 Intro to the KGS
9:00 My (30 minute!) presentation to KGS Staff
9:30 Questions and Informal Discussions with KGS Staff
10:00 Interview with Search Committee
11:30 Lunch with Search Committee
1:15 Meet with Annette Delaney, Human Resources
1:30 Meet with Barb McClain, Associate Director for Administration
1:45 Meet with Bill Harrison, Director
2:00 Meet with Rex Buchanan, Associate Director for Public Outreach
2:30 Meet with Public Outreach Section
3:00 Candidate’s Questions
6:00 Dinner with 2-3 KGS Staff

It actually wasn't too bad. Many people (mostly the non-technical people) told me that they enjoyed my talk and were able to understand it. I was also treated very well. I'm staying in the Marriot on the Kansas River in a very nice room and was treated to two very nice meals. For dinner, there were only 4 of us and the bill was $145!

The cool thing about the job is that even though there are still some things that are required, there is a LOT of room to really take the position in whatever direction I am most interested in. There is a lot of flexibility to do whatever I consider most important. Another cool thing is that they are really great about continuing education, and if I were to ever want to pursue a Ph.D at KU then I would be able to do that.

Now, do I think I'm going to get the job? I am not really expecting to. I think I am pretty inexperienced compared to the others. Bob Sawin told me that even though I was pretty young compared to other applicants, that my cover letter was really good and convinced them to interview me. :) so, all in all, it was a good experience for me - I have never been in a whole-day interview situation like this.

Also, to be honest, I am not particularly drawn to Lawrence (or at least from the little that I have seen).

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