Monday, April 10, 2006

rummaging through the hay stack...

In one of my all-time favorite Breakaways, Gregg Matte says the following, "God's specific will for your life is not the needle in the haystack - it's the hay in the haystack."

This statement has often struck me. I suppose it is a good thing that God gives us this ability to choose how we spend our time here on earth, but even so, I often find myself wishing that we each had a specific path in mind that we should pursue. As Adrian and I are now engaged (insert smiley), occupational choices become even more difficult. Throughout our 3 years of dating, Adrian and I have both pursued our own goals, and as such, approximately half of our 3 years together has been long distance. I am glad that we had the opportunity to do that, but now we have made the commitment to be together and to put our relationship ahead of other worldly pursuits. Since we have both of us to think about, rather than just ourselves, it makes some decisions more complicated.

This definitely isn't a bad problem to have - it is a blessing to have another person to share my life with. But I always have been a person who frets over the next step in life, and I also like to have things figured out. We still have quite a bit of time, though, before we really need to come to any conclusions. Plus, I really just need to get through this semester first!

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