Tuesday, September 13, 2005

new post, new post!

A new post!

I have been going to a women's Bible study about the 5 aspects of woman. I am really enjoying it so far. So last week, we had this question posed to us: if you are married, is it your responsibility to have children? (this is not including those people who cannot physically have children. In that case, the question would be more like: do you need to adopt?)

whew! what a question! I never really thought about it before. There is one girl in the study who is very intelligent (well, they are all really intelligent). But she has a way of looking at things that is so - humm, I'm trying to think of the right words to explain. I don't want to say perfect. But she just seems to already have a very good knowledge about what a woman is and what a woman should be like. She is engaged right now, and you can tell that she will be the perfect wife and mother. Anyhow, she was saying that yes, especially as a Christian couple you need to raise children and that if you choose not to, those reasons are entirely for selfish reasons.

Then this question was asked: okay, what all is marriage for, then, if you don't have children? We didn't really explore this too much b/c it was off topic and we will get back to this much later in the study. But still, I was a little floored. And then I thought, well I don't really want to have children right this moment and probably not even in a year from now. But I still really want to be married right this minute....and I'm not sure what my point is, maybe I wonder why I want to be married yesterday even though I don't want children tomorrow. well, hee hee, I think I know why I really want to be married, and it seems to be such a silly reason, but I can't help it.

:( oh well, I guess my main domain right now is school, and I need to be tending to it a little better instead of wanting other domains...I think one of my main problems is that I often think about the future and what I want to be doing then instead of being satisified with what I have now and with what I'm doing now. And that's not very good. I'm not entirely sure how to change that though...

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