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NaBloPoMo Day 12: San Diego! (2 of 3)

It's day 12 and I'm a little bit behind.  This is a continuation of the last post about our San Diego trip.  Click here for the previous post.  My NaBloPoMo's theme for this month is "past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently."  I originally had this post broken into about seven sections but I'll put in bold which sections the current post will be about.

July 20-21 Las Vegas and driving
July 21-22 Pacific Beach and SeaWorld
July 23 San Diego Zoo and Pacific Beach
July 24-25 SeaWorld (visit 2), Seaport Village, and San Diego Zoo (visit 2)
July 26-27 SeaWorld (visit 3) and San Diego Zoo (visit 3)
July 27-28 Coronado Island and Pacific Beach
July 28-29 Las Vegas and driving, again

Following up from the last post, it's Monday, July 23rd.  I had to go to my conference today while the rest of the family went out and had fun (but that was the point of them coming).

July 23 San Diego Zoo and Pacific Beach

They all went to the famous San Diego Zoo.  We hadn't gone to the zoo since 2005.  Lisa, Olsen, and Olsen's grandmother all got week-long passes to the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and SeaWorld.  They got to see monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, lizards, hippos, sleeping babies, polar bears, and sea lions.  Jovie's favorite animal were the hippos.  She was very excited to see them swimming around the tank and kept saying, "wook! wook!"
Olsen by the monkeys at the zoo

Olsen comparing his hands to that of an Orangutan

Olsen tackles an ape

Gorilla eating lettuce

Olsen checking out some colorful lizards

Hippo in the water

Jovie got pretty tired at the zoo

Jovie and Grandma get eaten by a polar bear

Olsen with a sea lion

They also got to see a Chinese dragon parade.  Olsen really wanted to take a picture with the acrobats but had a super serious face on when it was finally his turn to pose.
Serious-Olsen poses with the dragon

Olsen found some goats that he could pet and brush.
Olsen with his goat

Olsen brushes his goat

Olsen and his goat

Later that day when I came home from my conference, we all decided to go down and play at the beach.  Jovie had a great time playing on the water and in the sand.
Jovie likes the water

Jovie splashing at the beach

Olsen wanted to try out his boogie board.
Olsen hops on his boogie board

Olsen boogie boarding

One really funny moment was when a humongous wave came and just ate up Jovie.  See the series of pictures here.
Hear comes a huge wave! Jovie doesn't know what's about to happen Jovie gets ambushed by a huge wave Jovie is missing -- inside the wave

Jovie got pretty wet, to say the least.
Wet baby and wet Momma

Wet baby on the beach

Olsen continued to work on his boogie board.
Olsen boogieing

Olsen tackles a wave

Boogie boy and beach baby

July 24-25 SeaWorld (visit 2), Seaport Village, and San Diego Zoo (visit 2)

The next day, the family went to SeaWorld when I went to my conference.  They went to the shark tank, saw sea lions, played in an ice cave, rode a tram, and got to meet Elmo.  Olsen also had a caricature drawn of him.  We were a little disappointed in it, since we feel that he is much cuter than the caricature showed.  They also went to a little 4D Sesame Street movie that Olsen loved.
The shark tube

Sea lions

Olsen in the ice

Olsen and Grandma riding together

Olsen met Elmo

After my conference, I was picked up and taken to Seaport Village.  It was a nice day for walking along  the coast.
Olsen looks through the telescope

We went to the carousel.  Only Olsen got to ride but Jovie had fun watching
Stroller baby

Olsen and Dadda on the carousel 1

Oh, and today, the 24th, is also his birthday!
Olsen get a present for his birthday!

The next day, Wednesday, the 25th, the family went to the zoo again, taking advantage of their week long pass.  They got to see a hula hoop demonstration and try some hula hoops out.
Olsen checking out the hula hoops

Grandma with Olsen

Olsen got to see some giraffes, ride a bird, saw a huge elephant statue, got stomped on by an elephant statue, and ride a saber tooth tiger.
Olsen and giraffes

Olsen riding a bird thing

Olsen and Jovie and an elephant

Olsen was destroyed...

Olsen riding a saber tooth tiger

Here are all the pictures from our trip to San Diego.

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