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NaBloPoMo Day 7: Man vs Mud 5k Fun Run

Day seven of the NaBloPoMo, with my chosen theme of "past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently".  This post will be about participating in the annual Man vs Mud 5k Fun Run (or just the mud run) that happens every year in Wellsville, UT at the American West Heritage Center.  The run takes place over two days; I did the Friday run (on August 31st) and Lisa did the Saturday run (on September 1st).

The whole idea of doing this came from Lisa wanting to get a team together to participate in the mud run.  I'm not sure what spurred her to want to do this but she ended up getting a team of three others (Vanessa, Jalila, and Karen) to join her.  Victor, Jalila's husband, asked me if I wanted to get a team together since they're getting a team together.  The girls were going to do the run on Saturday so that meant we could do ours on Friday.  We got a team of eight together (I invited Rob, Karen's husband, and he invited Randall; Victor invited four others from the Education Dept at USU).

Since Rob works for the athletic department at USU, his equipment manager got an idea.  One of the fun things about the mud run is dressing up in a costume.  Rob's equipment manager really likes the challenge of cleaning something really dirty so he let Rob borrow USU football uniforms for his team to try and get as dirty as possible.  The only issue here is that he only got three uniforms and there were eight on our team (which he didn't know about).  Since I know Rob and Rob invited a friend, Randall, the logical choice was for us three to have the uniforms.  Also, the other five on our team are all professors of Education at USU, since this was, more or less, an even segregation of our team.

The day of the race came and we were a little worried with it being too hot, especially with full gear on (well just jersey, shoulder pads, helmet, and pants), but we got lucky with really cool weather (and cold when you're wet!).  Wearing that uniform was extremely awesome and I'm so happy that I had a chance to be a football player for a day.  Here is our football trio:
USU Football players before running in the mud

I, of course, am the 12th man
The most awesome costume ever, for a mud run

And here's the rest of the team of eight
Team Out of Shape Dads and Taylor

The mud run is a 5k race with 30 obstacles.  You can see the map here, which shows the route as well as describes the obstacles.

View MAN vs MUD Course in a larger map

You first start off with an inner tube hand off and then down the 200 foot slide
Tube handoff!

Adrian about ready to go down the slide!

Then you have to run up a hill to bring the tube back
Adrian going for the tube handoff

Next is a set of many more obstacles that didn't get photographed.  But Olsen had fun with the other kids in the Boggy Bayou; which is kind of like a little mud obstacle course for the kids.
Olsen isn't sure about going in the mud pool

Olsen traverses the tires

Olsen going through the mud pool

The suds were a lot of fun

Olsen all muddy

After awhile, the football players came running down the road
Muddy football players running along corn fields

And eventually completed the course
Adrian on top of the hay stack

Football players finish the mud run!

Olsen was there too (with his sister)
The muddy kids

But he didn't want to hug his dad
Dadda and Son all muddy

Here are some of the photos from the Man vs Mud people that I downloaded



We finished our time in 58 minutes!

The next day, Lisa and her group were ready to go.  They had a lot of information about what was going to happen and had a really nice day as well.
Blue team

Man vs Mud blue team

The boys had a good time too
The boys had a good chair to watch from

Time to go down the slide!
Lisa and Jalila with their inner-tubes

Lisa going down the slide

Jalila is going down the slide backwards!

Vanessa is backwards and Karen is sideways

Olsen had fun again at the Boggy Bayou
Olsen with mountains in the background

Olsen hopping out of the mud pool

Olsen being muddy

The ladies trudged on through the mud and the water
Jalila on the bags

Up on the cargo net

They finally got to the haystacks and finish line!
Vanessa says hi

Lisa on the hay

Blue team is almost finished!

Funny group shot

Time for the finish slide and mud crawl to end the run
Karen about the splash!  Mud splash!
Lisa lands too

Vanessa about to cannon-ball  Huge mud splash!
Jalila heading in...  Jalila splashes in!

Army crawl to the finish

All finished!
Happy finished Lisa

Finished group shot with Olsen head

They finished their time in 60 minutes.  Though Lisa says they had lots of long waits at each obstacle because of how crowded it was....

Here are the rest of my pictures from the mud run.

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