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NaBloPoMo Day 2: Apple Picking

It's the second day of NaBloPoMo and I'm still blogging.  I haven't quit yet!  From yesterday's blog, here is the link to all the pictures for the USU Homecoming Parade and all the pictures for the USU Homecoming Football Game.

Keeping up with this month's theme of "past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently", this blog will be about picking apples at Paradise Valley Orchard.  (Well, that link seems like it hasn't been updated in a long time, use their Facebook here).  Paradise Valley Orchard is a real nice farm outside the very small town of Paradise, Utah.

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A little history, we have gone to PVO every year since we've been in Utah.  We normally went there to pick pumpkins for Halloween but 2 years ago, they changed ownership and stopped growing pumpkins (though, this year they had a small patch).  We probably have pictures of the past years but all I could dig up on Flickr were from 2010:
DSC07860  DSC07882
and 2011 (which was actually across the street from PVO):
Jovie with her cat onesie and pumpkins!

This year we have gone twice, once on September 15th and once on September 30th, both times to pick apples.  On September 15th, Jovie and Olsen loved riding in the wagon.
Olsen and Jovie in the wagon 3

Olsen and Jovie in the wagon 5

and eating apples in the wagon
Olsen and Jovie in the wagon 6

Some of the apples were quite infested with bugs
Boxelder bugs on an apple

but looked very nice!
Apples in the tree

This baby had a great time standing and eating:
Standing baby  Standing baby in the wagon 2  Standing baby in the wagon 5  Standing baby in the wagon 10

Olsen became a master apple picker
Olsen gets some assistance getting apples

Cheese! - squinting boy

Of course, after a long day of picking apples, the kids needed to calm down and play some.  So they played on the playground some.
Olsen going down the slide  Momma and baby on the swing

Olsen found a grove of Aspen trees
A little boy in the Aspen trees  Olsen checking out the Aspen trees

The standing baby found some apples at her height
Standing baby picking apples 3

Standing baby picking apples 5

On September 30th, Olsen and Jovie got to go with Ben and his family for apple picking again.  They loved being in the wagon together
Three kids in a wagon 3 (the Captain leads the way)

Three kids in a wagon 4

Three kids in a wagon 6  Three kids in a wagon 7
Happy baby with two apples 1

I parked the wagon under an apple tree so that the kids could pick some apples.  Ben didn't realize it until a little bit later.  He has a funny reaction
Three kids in a wagon 11  Three kids in a wagon 12

Three kids in a wagon 13

Somebody has to have two hands full of food to be happy sometimes.  Jovie loves apples
Cute baby eating apples

Back in the wagon
Three kids in a wagon 15

Jovie and the boys found a humongous and extremely hairy bunny.  Jovie didn't notice it until a little later.
Jovie standing

Jovie got excited

Jovie by the bunny cage  Jovie pointing at the bunny

The kids may go again soon to get pumpkins (across the street though since PVO is nearly out).  Here is the set for Pictures of Apple Picking at Paradise Valley Orchard.

Ok, I did some digging and found some photos from 2008 at PVO:
Lisa and the baby peapod in the pumpkins  Sleeping peapod in the pumpkins 2

...and with a little more digging, I found a picture from 2007:
Lisa picking pumpkins (2007)

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