Thursday, October 04, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 4: Hiking in Dry Canyon with Fall Colors

It's day four of NaBloPoMo! Sticking with the theme of "past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently," This blog will be about hiking in Dry Canyon on September 23rd.

It was a nice Sunday morning so Olsen and his friends decided to go hiking up Dry Canyon, in Logan, and to play in the fall colors (and the kids brought their parents too).  Dry Canyon sits at the end of the Mountain Road

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The parking lot has lots of great boulders to climb on that the kids could probably play on all day.
Olsen hovering in mid-air
Olsen is flying
Did Eryn push Olsen???
...looks like he got pushed!
Anakin Skywalker?
He totally reminds me of Anakin Skywalker here
We finally got hiking up the hill and ran into some colorful trees
Kids in the colorful trees

Kids posing attempt 2
It's really hard to get all the kids to pose together
Jovie and Dadda in the fall colors
Jovie had a good time.
We then came to another boulder that the kids really had a good time playing on
The kids liked this rock

Girls on the rock

Olsen did it!

The boys looking down from the rock

What's Jovie looking at?
Jovie was being funny
Lucy LOVES Sym and Darshan
Lucy LOVES attention
And the cycle goes on, so we ran into a red tree that all the kids took a turn posing in
Olsen in the colors 2
Symrin in the colors 3
Eryn in the colors 1
Gavin in the colors 1
Cailin in the colors 3
Darshan in the colors 1
And then the families had to get in there as well...
Shea family 2
Vanessa, Justin, Eryn
Lisa and Olsen
Olsen, Lisa
Michelle, Arjun, and Symrin 1
Symrin, Michelle, Arjun
Jalila and Cailin
Cailin, Jalila
Vanessa and Gavin
Vanessa, Gavin
Welsh family picture in the colors!
Welsh family
On to hiking again.
Gavin in the wrap

Olsen waiting for the hiking party

Lucy smiling in the colors

Oh, look, here is a large hill we can climb up!
Climbing scrambles up the slope

Justin assists the climbing team

Olsen had a little snack in the trees.
Olsen eating in the trees

Olsen still eating in the trees

Time to start hiking home.  It sure goes a lot faster going downhill
A lone dog on the fiery red trail
hiking dog
Lucy joins the kids
the kids were way ahead of everyone
Sleeping hiking baby
Jovie didn't make it
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