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NaBloPoMo - October 2012 (USU Homecoming)

I decided to attempt a NaBloPoMo for the month of October.  NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month and is supposed to happen in November, but in reality it's any time you can commit to a month of posting.  Here is a little more about it if you are interested, from Wise Geek.

I decided for this month that I will post about past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently.  Today's topic will be USU Homecoming.  The homecoming game was this past Saturday, September 29th.  Since Olsen is a Junior Aggie this year, he got to ride on the Junior Aggie parade float for the Homecoming Parade.

Olsen on the parade float

Olsen got to ride on the float with his friends Sean and Brendan.

All boys have pom pom hair

Olsen, Sean, and Brendan on the float 5

The parade is going!

Jovie decided to come and and bring her cat face

Jovie with her cat face

Jovie and Lisa were cheering on the Junior Aggie float as it went by

Everyone is waving

When the kids got home from the parade, they decided to go crazy with their balloons

After the parade, the kids had some rest and then on to the football game!  First the kids had to get ready with their pom poms and Jovie in her USU dress.

Jovie and Olsen with pom poms

There was a Junior Aggie tailgate outside of the stadium with all kinds of fun.  Jr Aggies got to eat for free (our food was only $3 per meal).  Olsen got to ride on a very fun ride.

Smiling boy

Olsen also got to go nuts in a bounce house.

Olsen going fast on the slide

But the main event (besides the football game) was the Junior Aggie Stampede!  This is where all the \Jr Aggies get to run across the field before the game starts.  Lisa and Jovie had to go in through the normal entrance while Olsen and I went in through another entrance.  On the way there, we got to meet USU football legend Phil Olsen, the brother of the late Merlin Olsen.  It was pretty cool to meet a former NFL player.  Getting on through the gate was a story in itself (but that's for another time).  There was quite a wait to get to run on the field.

The kids ready for the stampede

But running on the field was super cool and Olsen had a great time!

Stampede time!

Olsen scored a touchdown

After getting into the stadium, Jovie had already decided that she was not going to sit still and watch a football game.  She knew that she wanted to be in full control and just wanted to eat chips.  So we found a little grassy patch for her to crawl around on and mess around.  It's funny how they are so lax on the rules here versus A&M or any big stadium.  They don't care if you stand in a stairwell to watch the game, or hang out in a walkway or really, they don't care what you do.

Jovie with her pom poms

Nearer to halftime we found another grassy patch where we were closer to the field to hopefully watch the band.  But Olsen and Jovie just wanted to go crazy and play the whole time.

Olsen on the ground

Where did his hands go?

Standing little baby

Brother helps his sister

All in all it was a great day and the kids had a lot of fun.  They were super tired later.  Here is a picture of some cool clouds over the stadium.  Oh and this game was a "white out" game and the fans did great.  You can see all the white shirted people.  The stadium was nearly full and USU beat UNLV 35-13.

Cool pink clouds

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