Tuesday, October 09, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 9: Cache County Fair

It's day nine of my NaBloPoMo (the theme: "past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently").  This post is about the time Olsen and Ben went to the Cache County Fair on August 10th (and Olsen went back again August 11th).

The Cache County Fair comes to the fair grounds here every year in August.  It's a smorgasbord of rides, booths, and food and a ton of fun for kids (and kind of ridiculously expensive).  They also have a rodeo and livestock.  Ben and Olsen had good fun together, riding rides.
Olsen and Ben on motorcycles

Olsen and Ben on a bulldozer

Racecar boy!

They eventually found the tractors to go play on (Jovie got involved too)
Olsen - tractor boy

Scrunchy face baby

Baby in a tractor shovel

Olsen, Ben, and Jovie in the tractor shovel

Have to go ride the ponies!
Olsen and Ben riding ponies

And of course get yummy food
Cotton candy!

The next day Olsen got to go again, this time not with Ben, but with his dad.  More rides...
Olsen on the swings

Olsen on the rollercoaster 1

Olsen on the bouncy part

Time to get some more yummy food
Olsen eating an otter pop

And, of course, have to go pet some animals
Olsen petting lambs

Piggies snuggling

Can't forget the tractors this time around
Olsen driving a tractor

Pony rides again!  When we got there, they asked Olsen if he wanted the big one or the little one.  Of course he said the big one.  I don't think this was a pony, it seemed more like a horse...  And Olsen was a little bit lopsided on it as well.
Olsen rides a pony, er, a horse

Olsen a little lopsided on his horse

Olsen checking out the booth activities
Olsen swinging on the rings

Olsen walks on the balance beam

The little Jovie Belle needed an Otter Pop too.
Jovie eating otter pops

Here are the rest of the pictures from the Cache County Fair.

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