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NaBloPoMo Day 13: San Diego! (3 of 3)

It's day 13 and I'm still a little bit behind.  This is a continuation of the last post about our San Diego trip.  Click here for the previous post and here for the first post.  My NaBloPoMo's theme for this month is "past adventures that we haven't been able to blog about as well as what's happening currently."  I originally had this post broken into about seven sections but I'll put in bold which sections the current post will be about.

July 20-21 Las Vegas and driving
July 21-22 Pacific Beach and SeaWorld
July 23 San Diego Zoo and Pacific Beach
July 24-25 SeaWorld (visit 2), Seaport Village, and San Diego Zoo (visit 2)
July 26-27 SeaWorld (visit 3) and San Diego Zoo (visit 3)
July 27-28 Coronado Island and Pacific Beach
July 28-29 Las Vegas and driving, again

I guess we didn't take many pictures on the evening of Wednesday the 25th, or in the morning/daytime of Thursday the 26th.  But Lisa and I did take a trip to SeaWorld at night on Wednesday night.  It was 9 pm and the kids were in bed, so we decided to run over to SeaWorld to try and ride their newest roller coaster, the Manta.  It was a lot of fun and we got to ride the ride three times before they closed at 10!

July 26-27 SeaWorld (visit 3) and San Diego Zoo (visit 3)

On Thursday evening we decided to go to SeaWorld and check out the night shows and just keep taking advantage of our passes to SeaWorld.  When we got there, Olsen, Olsen's Grandma, and Olsen's mom all rode the teacups.  Then Olsen and I rode Elmo's Flying Fish ride.
Olsen, Momma, and Grandma on the teacups

Momma and Olsen spinning

Olsen and Dadda ready to ride

Grandma and Jovie

After the rides, we headed over to the Bay of Play again so Jovie could be in the baby crawling area and Olsen could have fun running around.  We think the Bay of Play was both kids' favorite part of SeaWorld.
Jovie with blocks

Yellow Blocks Baby

Crawling happy baby

Olsen danced all the way to the shark tank.
Dancing Olsen

After the Shark Tank we went to the Sea Lions night show.
Olsen was happy waiting for the sea lions

Otter doing tricks

Otter on a ball

Sea Lion balancing a ball

After the Sea Lions we went to the Shamu night show and saw fireworks to end the night.  Jovie fell asleep in the excitement.
Shamu doing a backflip

Shamu greets his guests (no one wanted to get wet)

The next day, Friday the 27th, the family went to the Zoo for one last time while I was at the last day of my conference.  They finally got to see the pandas.
At the zoo with Grandma

Panda walking around

The tigers were apparently really active.
Tigers walking around

July 27-28 Coronado Island and Pacific Beach

After the zoo, they picked me up and we went over to Coronado Island.  We saw a nice view of the San Diego skyline and also saw someone with a pet monkey
San Diego skyline

We saw a pet monkey!

After touring through Coronado, we headed back home to relax and pack up for the next day.  The next day was Saturday the 28th.  We wanted to go to Pacific Beach one last time to take some pictures.
Family on the beach for one last time

Jovie and Olsen on the beach 1

Jovie and Olsen on the beach 3

Jovie baby on the beach 4

Jovie baby on the beach 8

July 28-29 Las Vegas and driving, again

Getting back on the road to head to Utah is so difficult.  Leaving beautiful and comfortable San Diego is too hard to do.  But all good things must come to an end...  We headed towards hot Las Vegas again.  We got there really early and were planning on staying the night in St. George, Utah, so we decided to stop somewhere and play for a bit.  For some reason I thought that Circus Circus would be the best place for Olsen to run around and play.

We went to Circus Circus in like 2003/2004 and saw acrobats and a large arcade.  That was what I was thinking when we pulled up.  But we ended up just "playing" in the Adventuredome, which is the world's largest indoor amusement park.  It was a pretty gigantic place but really hot and really crowded as well as really expensive.  Olsen had a good time doing the bungee trampoline thing
Olsen ready to bungee-trampoline jump

Olsen doing the bungee-trampoline jumping 3

Jovie had a good time looking at people and Olsen got to ride on a Ferris wheel
Jovie and Momma in the Adventuredome

Olsen on the Ferris Wheel

Olsen got a funny hat (and tried on others)
Olsen trying on hats

Olsen tries on Merlin hat

Just before we left, we saw a clown doing tricks

Clown in the Adventuredome 5

After Las Vegas, we stopped for the night in St. George and finally made it home the next day.  It was a super long drive.

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